Bruidsfotograaf Maastricht – Trouwen in Maastricht en feesten in een grot

Bruidsfotograaf Maastricht, or, for this occasion: wedding photographer in Maastricht!

This time my blog is in English! I met Pete and Chloë on Skype. They live in the Netherlands right now, but were raised in England.
They planned on getting married in Maastricht, the hometown of Pete’s parents. Indeed, a lovely place to invite all British friends ;-)! After a few Skype meetings in which we exchanged the plans and other details about the day, I couldn’t wait to head to Limburg.
After the wedding ceremony, a fabulous Danish-British wedding party was to follow, Pete and Cloë had announced enthusiastically. I didn’t really know what to expect, and  I already had a lot of good parties in the past… but I was curious…
Maastricht is a beautiful city anytime, and so was the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, after the wedding ceremony, rain started pouring down… and so we had to skip the photo shoot.  It was great to see all friends and family meet each other in Pete’s old family home.

In the evening, we even went to see the Limburg caves! Pete and Chloë were right, I never had experienced a party like this one! It was really crazy… but I LOVED it!  Can I have more of those parties this year, please?
Pete and Chloë, thanks for having me as your photographer for this special day!


Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_01 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_02 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_03 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_04 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_05 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_06 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_07 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_08 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_09 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_10 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_11 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_12 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_13 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_14 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_15 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_16 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_17 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_18 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_19 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_20 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_21 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_22 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_23 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_24 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_25 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_26 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_27 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_28 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_29 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_30 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_31 Trouwen_met_Miranda_Bruidsfotogaaf_Maastricht_32


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